CNC Router Johor

Inverters for AXYZ CNC Router
- Inverters (also called Variable Frequency Drives or VFD) are generally used to power high speed spindles. However they are sometimes used to power other motors, especially pumps and blowers in single phase applications.
A2MC Power Board Rev. 08A

- The A2MC Power Board supplies and distributes power to the machine’s motor drives. It is a UL certified device that can power up to 8 motor drives. The nominal operating voltage is 65 VDC.

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5-Pin Stepper Drive Plug
- Replacement 5-pin stepper drive plug for AXYZ CNC routers.
RS485 Modbus Module
- RS485 Modbus module for AXYZ CNC Router
3-Pin Stepper Drive Plug
- Replacement 3-pin stepper drive plug for AXYZ CNC routers.
INA Round Rail Bearing
- Unlike Star or THK bearings Thompson bearings are standardized regardless of manufacturer.  Simply ensure the correct diameter of rail is selected.  
Panduit Proximity Sensor
- This sensor is fitted with a 3 pin Panduit header on approximately 2 m (6 ft) of cable.
Proximity Sensor
- This sensor directly connects to sensor cabling.
THK H-Type Grease Nozzle for MG70
- This adapter can be fitted to a standard grease gun (not supplied) and is used to apply grease to THK Linear Bearings.
7G 4.5mm Lexan Door
- Replacement Lexan door for a 7G ATC.
USB to RS485 Converter Box

- The USB to RS485 converter box is used to communicate between a PC running Toolpath and an AMC machine controller.  This device plugs into a USB port on the PC and converts the communication signal to RS485 which can be then connected to the AMC controller.&

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Assembled Rev. 05A Connection Board
- The AMC connection board provides power to the machine’s drives, makes the connections to the drives and sensors, as well as providing power to the AMC itself.


AMC004G/H Flash Board

- The AMC Flash Board fits on either AMC004G or AMC004H AMC controllers. This device holds both the operating system and the jobs on 4 Mbytes of memory.

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Programmed 5.700 A2MC USB Flash Disk
- For AXYZ CNC router using only
Motor Overload Protectors

- Motor Overload Protectors are not used on the control panels but are installed on all contactors controlling pumps, drills, and other peripheral device motors. 
- These devices ensure that a motor does not overheat and start a fire; so it is vital the correct device is used and it is set properly.&

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GPBC 3510/FBR 5010 Bridge Rectifier
- The bridge rectifier supplies the power to an AMC machine’s stepper drives.
- This version plugs into the connection board. If this part has failed there is no power to the stepper drives.
- A more powerful bridge rectifier is available if you have a multi head machine or you are having problems with this part failing frequently.
Phenolic Pressure Foot Donut

- The newly constructed Phenolic Pressure Foot Donut is now blind (top-down) mounted.
- Our new blind mount donut replaces the old bottom-up design and fits all AXYZ High Capacity Pressure Feet.

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Smouse R1 Replacement Board
- The Smouse R1 board is for use on the Smouse tool tip sensor.