CNC Router Johor

Smouse R1 Replacement Board
- The Smouse R1 board is for use on the Smouse tool tip sensor.
Fibratex Dust Filter Bag
- Filter bag for AXYZ CNC router machine 
The AXYZ Blue Glide Donut is a unique and highly durable accessory which has been developed especial

- The AXYZ Blue Glide Donut is a unique and highly durable accessory which has been developed especially for processing ACM.

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Ceramic and Glass Fuses

- Glass fuses are used to protect sensitive electronics where required.  The glass fuse holders will generally have a spare fuse in them.  Replace the spare fuse when it is used.

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Braking Resistor
- Braking resistors are used to absorb the power generated by decelerating spindles.
- Braking resistors allow an inverter to stop spindles much faster and safer.
Spindle Mounting Plates
- Spindle plates are designed to mount the various sizes and types of spindles to the Z axis of the CNC machine.
- These plates ensure the spindle is mounted vertically and spaced correctly for all the machine options.
- The spindles can be adjusted vertically.
Electric Tangential Knife Head

- The Electric Tangential Knife is a highly versatile tangential knife cutter that can fit a large variety of knife holders for many knife cutting applications.

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A2MC Cooling Fan
- The A2MC Cooling Fan is a muffin style fan is installed into the A2MC controller enclosure.
A2MC FPGA Board Rev. 4.6
- The FPGA Board is a high performance controller that controls the machine’s motor drives. It operates at 4.125 million 3 dimensional positions per second.
- Origin: UK
Table Top Mounted F25 Tooltip Sensor
- The F25 sensor is used to measure the length of tools on A2MC systems.
- It is also sometimes referred to as a tool tip sensor.
- Origin: UK
Toroid Transformers
- Toroid transformers are used to supply 12, 24, and 50 volt power to the A2MC controllers. They are 1000 VA transformers. They come in either high voltage (380, 440, and 480 volt) input or low voltage (208, 220, and 240 volt) input.
- Origin: UK
Left Pressure Foot Bottom

- Left Pressure Feet Bottoms are used to replace broken, cracked, worn out ones. They are adhered to the pressure foot assembly with silicon.

- This is suitable for use with the original style pressure foot.

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Pressure Foot Donut with 2" Hole

- The Donut is fastened to the bottom of either the left or right pressure foot. It has a 2” or 50mm hole in the bottom and is ideal when cutting large sized parts, maximizing the efficiency of the vacuum.

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Triple Zone Vacuum T-Slot End Plug
- This plug is used to repair leaking vacuum deck extrusion.
- Origin: UK
Spindle Cable - 10HP ELTE - 220V/380V
- The cable fits a 10hp ELTE spindles.
10hp (8kW) HSD ES929 ATC 4 Pole Spindle-380V

The 10 hp HSD Spindle is a high powered high speed spindle featuring automatic (or quick) change operation using IS030 tool holders.

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24" Unist Plastic Nozzle Assembly
- This Plastic Nozzle Assembly is a 24 inch (610 mm) replacement Unist misting system wand.
Trident - 45° Knife Cartridge
- This 45° Knife Cartridge has been specifically designed to be used with the Trident tangential knife unit.

- This device is used to knife cut v-grooves in foam materials.
- Origin: UK