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Assembled Pressure Foot Bellow

The bellows system provides an extremely efficient vacuum performance. The bellows completely enclose the tooling, virtually eliminating all vacuum leakage.

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Universal Lexan Pressure Foot Seal
- The Universal Lexan Seal is used to optimize vacuum performance on systems that are not using nose riders or bellows.
Extraction Bracket for Cast Pressure Foot
ELTE PF Reducer Bushing
- The ELTE PF Reducer Bushing is used specifically for 5 hp ELTE spindles. It enables the use of the bellows or nose rider options for the smaller spindles.
Nylon Blast Gate

- This is a replacement blast gate for high capacity pressure feet.

- The Blast Gate allows you to adjust the amount of air going into the pressure foot depending on the application.

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- The newly constructed Universal Pressure Foot Donut is now blind (top-down) mounted. Our new blind mount donut replaces the old bottom-up design and fits all AXYZ High Capacity and 5Y pressure feet.

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Bellows Vulca Seal
- Assembled Pressure Foot Bellow. The bellow system completely encloses tooling which reduces vacuum leakage resulting in increased chip collection.
Bellow - Cast Pressure Foot
- The bellows system provides an extremely efficient vacuum performance. The bellows completely enclose the tooling, virtually elimination all vacuum leakage.
Pneumatic Air Cylinder 1" Stroke

The Pneumatic Air Cylinder 1'' Stroke is a replacement for the ones on the pressure feet (PFL-E-S-Z and PFR-E-S-Z). These must be replaced if the pressure foot has suffered a collision and the pistons are bent.

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Mister Bracket for Cast Pressure Foot
- For AXYZ CNC Router Machine
Oscillating Knife Assembly

- This powerful pneumatically powered 9000 strokes per minute oscillating knife is compact and fast. It can knife cut very tough and thick materials.&

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Trident - Saber Blade Cartridge
- This Saber Blade Cartridge has been specifically designed for the Trident Tangential knife unit.
- Saber Blades are especially useful for cutting very tough materials such as vinyl flooring and gasketing.
Trident - Pizza Wheel Holder
- Pizza wheel holder for AXYZ CNC Router
Trident - Creasing Wheel Holder
- The Creasing Wheel Post is the holder specifically designed for the Trident Series CNC Router (AXYZ). 
- Creasing wheels and axils are sold separately.
KNI-VINYL-MECH: Mechanical Vinyl Knife

- The Mechanical Vinyl Knife is a precision drag knife that is generally used for pre-applied vinyl cutting.

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Pacer Swarf Cone Brushes
These are replaceable brush rings which clip into place on the swarf cones used on various manual and quick release (ATC) spindles on the original Pacer CNC Routers only. Used correctly, they will eliminate the scattering of swarf and dust by the cutter and they enhance the performance of the cyclonic extraction system to maintain a clean and tidy workplace
THK Linear Bearing Blocks

HK bearings are the most commonly used bearings on CNC routers.  Star and THK bearings look quite similar so carefully check the drawings below to ensure you have selected the correct bearings.  Also check the axis and match the bearings using the pictures.

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Holding Break Servo 24VDC
- The Holding Break is used to hold either a stepper or servo Z axis in place when the power is turned off.