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Infinite - ACM Phenolic .75" Donut
- Phenolic Pressure Foot Donut is top-down mounted for mounting on Infinite Cast Pressure Feet.

- For Integrated Wand System.
- For AXYZ CNC Router only

5Y Pressure Foot - Right (296mm) Intergrated Wand System

- 5Y Pressure Foot - Intergrated Wand System.

- Dual Head Machines require the right hand option.

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32oz Unist Mister Reservoir
- The 32oz (1L) Unist Mister Reservoir is ideal for machines that are required to run for a long time or use a high volume of coolant.
- For AXYZ CNC Router only
Unist Air Metering Screw #31
- The Unist Air Metering Screw is a replacement part for a Unist misting system.
Assembled Pressure Foot Bellow

The bellows system provides an extremely efficient vacuum performance. The bellows completely enclose the tooling, virtually eliminating all vacuum leakage.

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Extraction Bracket for Cast Pressure Foot
Bellows Vulca Seal
- Assembled Pressure Foot Bellow. The bellow system completely encloses tooling which reduces vacuum leakage resulting in increased chip collection.
Oscillating Knife Assembly

- This powerful pneumatically powered 9000 strokes per minute oscillating knife is compact and fast. It can knife cut very tough and thick materials.&

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Trident - Pizza Wheel Holder
- Pizza wheel holder for AXYZ CNC Router
RS485 Modbus Module
- RS485 Modbus module for AXYZ CNC Router
Panduit Proximity Sensor
- This sensor is fitted with a 3 pin Panduit header on approximately 2 m (6 ft) of cable.
THK H-Type Grease Nozzle for MG70
- This adapter can be fitted to a standard grease gun (not supplied) and is used to apply grease to THK Linear Bearings.
Pressure Foot Donut with 2" Hole

- The Donut is fastened to the bottom of either the left or right pressure foot. It has a 2” or 50mm hole in the bottom and is ideal when cutting large sized parts, maximizing the efficiency of the vacuum.

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24" Unist Plastic Nozzle Assembly
- This Plastic Nozzle Assembly is a 24 inch (610 mm) replacement Unist misting system wand.
Replacement Heavy Duty Pizza Wheel Blade
- Rotary heavy duty pizza wheel knife core cutter 4'' in diameter.

- Only suitable for the heavy duty pizza wheel knife.
- Origin: UK