CNC Router Johor, CNC Router for Wood Working Malaysia

PANELBuilder CNC Router


One process, one solution

At a Glance:
  • Widths from 60' to 103'
  • Lengths from 48' to 50'
  • High-speed ACM processing
  • Multiple tool configurations
  • Dedicated CAD/CAM software
  • Primary Applications: Aluminum & Metal Composite

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Trident CNC Router


The most versatile router-knife combination in its class

At a Glance:
  • Widths from 60' to 85'
  • Lengths from 48' to 50'
  • Hybrid triple head configuration
  • Up to 10Hp router
  • Primary Applications: Graphics & Print Finishing, Signmaking, Foam Packaging, Point of

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Pump Filter
- For AXYZ CNC Router only

Round Point Oscillating Knife Blade
- These knife blades are designed to fit the AXYZ Oscillating knife tool.
- These versatile tools have the ability to cut a wide range of materials and are able to cut small detail and curves.
- These knife blades are available in different sizes and geometries to handle various materials and thicknesses.
- Origin: UK