CNC Router Johor, CNC Router for Wood Working Selangor

Pump Filter
- For AXYZ CNC Router only

Trident - Creasing Wheel Holder
- The Creasing Wheel Post is the holder specifically designed for the Trident Series CNC Router (AXYZ). 
- Creasing wheels and axils are sold separately.
Replacement Heavy Duty Pizza Wheel Blade
- Rotary heavy duty pizza wheel knife core cutter 4'' in diameter.

- Only suitable for the heavy duty pizza wheel knife.
- Origin: UK

Round Point Oscillating Knife Blade
- These knife blades are designed to fit the AXYZ Oscillating knife tool.
- These versatile tools have the ability to cut a wide range of materials and are able to cut small detail and curves.
- These knife blades are available in different sizes and geometries to handle various materials and thicknesses.
- Origin: UK