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Fast AXYZ manufacturing lead times are among the shortest in the industry. Even custom machine systems can be engineered, manufactured and delivered to meet your exacting timescales. Flexible The standard AXYZ Series machine can be specifi ed in thousands of different confi gurations to meet almost any application requirement.

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Z Series CNC Router


An ideal entry-level CNC router for first-time users and small shops, the AXYZ Z Series CNC router offers the same robust construction as AXYZ Series machines and at a lower cost.

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24" Unist Plastic Nozzle Assembly
- This Plastic Nozzle Assembly is a 24 inch (610 mm) replacement Unist misting system wand.
Round Point Oscillating Knife Blade
- These knife blades are designed to fit the AXYZ Oscillating knife tool.
- These versatile tools have the ability to cut a wide range of materials and are able to cut small detail and curves.
- These knife blades are available in different sizes and geometries to handle various materials and thicknesses.
- Origin: UK