CNC Router Selangor

Fast AXYZ manufacturing lead times are among the shortest in the industry. Even custom machine systems can be engineered, manufactured and delivered to meet your exacting timescales. Flexible The standard AXYZ Series machine can be specifi ed in thousands of different confi gurations to meet almost any application requirement. Despite this flexibility there is no compromise on quality

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One process, one solution

At a Glance:
  • Widths from 60' to 103'
  • Lengths from 48' to 50'
  • High-speed ACM processing
  • Multiple tool configurations
  • Dedicated CAD/CAM software
  • Primary Applications: Aluminum & Metal Composite Cladding

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The most versatile router-knife combination in its class

At a Glance:
  • Widths from 60' to 85'
  • Lengths from 48' to 50'
  • Hybrid triple head configuration
  • Up to 10Hp router
  • Primary Applications: Graphics & Print Finishing, Signmaking, Foam Packaging, Point of P

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An ideal entry-level CNC router for first-time users and small shops, the AXYZ Z Series CNC router offers the same robust construction as AXYZ Series machines and at a lower cost. Available with process areas to suit the most popular sheet sizes and with a choice of tooling and cutting accessories, the Z Series offers remarkable performance in a wide variety of appli

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- 1/2'' x 3 x 20
- 1/2'' x 6 x 25
- Pump filter for AXYZ CNC Router only. 
- Origin: Canada

- The 12VDC Solenoid - 3 Port valve is the most commonly installed solenoid valve on a machine.

They are used for ATC spindles, vacuum control zones, pop up pins, and other pneumatic devices.
- For

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This sensor directly connects to sensor cabling.
- For AXYZ CNC router only
Phenolic Pressure Foot Donut is top-down mounted for mounting on Infinite Cast Pressure Feet. For Integrated Wand System.

For AXYZ CNC router only
- To engrave / craving on brass material
For added safety, we have produced a SmartConsole with an E-Stop button mounted on the device, this allows the operator to stop the machine in case of an emergency. 

- For AXYZ CNC Router only

This component is the entire Smartconsole and will operate with any version of A2MC controller. Smartconsoles are very rugged and designed for industrial use but can be damaged by dropping or other very high impact events.

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- This is a direct replacement cable that can be used on both the subconsole and 4-pin SmartConsole.

Console cables are damaged by excessive stretching by cutting or impact. Generally, failed subconso

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- The Smartconsole Faceplate can easily be replaced if it is worn out or damaged. This is a membrane switch faceplate, so a new one is required if keys are sticking or broken.
- For ''AXYZ'' CNC Router only

The Universal 5Y pressure foot plays just as vital a role as the high capacity pressure foot. It has been specifically engineered to accept 2'' or 4'' diameter hoses and allows for manual adjustment of the ride height for faster material and tool setup often demanded in today's busy workplace.

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- Phenolic Pressure Foot Donut is top-down mounted for mounting on Infinite Cast Pressure Feet.

- For Integrated Wand System.
- For AXYZ CNC Router only