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Pressure Foot - Brush Ring: Allow the chip extraction to work effectively without contacting the material surface

4008 Series with Vacuum Bed: 1524mm x 2438mm process area, 250mm Z axis stroke and Gantry height 150mm

1C - 1Z ATC 7G : Single carriage with single "Z" axis with 7 tool automatic tool changer

A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router is a computer-controlled cutting machine used for a variety of applications in woodworking, metalworking, and other industries. It is a versatile tool that can automate the process of cutting, shaping, and engraving materials such as wood, plastic, acrylic, foam, and aluminium composites


AXYZ manufacturing lead times are among the shortest in the industry. Even custom machine systems can be engineered, manufactured and delivered to meet your exacting timescales.


The standard AXYZ Series machine can be specifi ed in thousands of different confi gurations to meet almost any application requirement. Despite this flexibility there is no compromise on quality. Components are sourced from top manufacturers such as HSD and Elte (spindles), THK (bearings) and Teknic (servo motors and drives).


-Origin: Canada
-We supply the machines to other countries likes Singapore, Vietnam etc. 
-We will send our own service engineer for the installation, commissioning & training of the machine even in other countries. 
-All new machine include one year warranty.

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