CNC Router Perak

Straight Endmill
- 1/2'' x 3 x 20
- 1/2'' x 6 x 25
Cordless Barcode Reader

The Cordless Barcode Reader can be used to automate certain machine operations such as loading programs and starting the machine, and it is integral to the scanning operations of PANELTracker.

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Innovator CNC Router

A CNC router is a computer-controlled cutting machine used for a variety of precision cutting, carving, and engraving tasks in woodworking, metalworking, plastic fabrication, and other industries. CNC routers are similar in concept to CNC milling machines, but they are primarily designed for routing operations, which involve cutting and shaping materials using a rotating cutting tool.<

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12VDC Solenoid - 3 Ports

- The 12VDC Solenoid - 3 Port valve is the most commonly installed solenoid valve on a machine.

They are used for ATC spindles, vacuum control zones, pop up pins, and other pneumatic devices.<

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Proximity Sensor
This sensor directly connects to sensor cabling.
- For AXYZ CNC router only
Infinite - ACM Phenolic 3.5" Donut
Phenolic Pressure Foot Donut is top-down mounted for mounting on Infinite Cast Pressure Feet. For Integrated Wand System.

For AXYZ CNC router only
End Mill for Brass Material (Engraving)
- To engrave / craving on brass material
Smartconsole Faceplate
- The Smartconsole Faceplate can easily be replaced if it is worn out or damaged. This is a membrane switch faceplate, so a new one is required if keys are sticking or broken.
- For ''AXYZ'' CNC Router only
Infinite - ACM Phenolic .75" Donut
- Phenolic Pressure Foot Donut is top-down mounted for mounting on Infinite Cast Pressure Feet.

- For Integrated Wand System.
- For AXYZ CNC Router only

Left 5Y Pressure Foot 2" and 4" Hose, 10" (Z) Carriage

The Universal 5Y pressure foot plays just as vital a role as the high capacity pressure foot. It has been specifically engineered to accept 2'' or 4'' diameter hoses and allows for manual adjustment of the ride height for faster material and tool setup often demanded in today's busy workplace.

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5Y Pressure Foot - Left (296mm) Intergrated Wand System

- 5Y Pressure Foot - Intergrated Wand System.

- Single Head Machines require the left hand option.

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24 Tooth Servo Pinion 16mm Bore
- For AXYZ CNC Router only 
Pump Filter
- For AXYZ CNC Router only

5HP ELTE Spindle TMPE4 10/2 380V with Cable
- For AXYZ CNC Router
- 5HP ELTE Spindle 3.3kw (5HP) Maximum Speed: 24000 PRM 380V Type: TMPE4 10/2 Includes Spindle Cable. Collet Type: ER32 Part Number
Grease Gun - Ambligon TA 15/2 Becker
- For Becker pumps with grease zerks, use only white lithium grease.
- For AXYZ CNC Router
Pressure Mat Safety System

Pressure mat safety systems are installed onto the floor around your AXYZ CNC Router. These are used to guard the operator/persons by stopping anyone entering the cutting zone. The pressure mat operates when pressure is applied to the mat surface. This result is the machine will stop (pause) until the zone is clear and the job will need to be re-started by the operator.

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