Pipe Laser Cutting Machine Perak

Chuck Motor for Pipe Laser Cutting Machine
The chuck motor plays a crucial role in securing the pipe during the cutting process, ensuring precise and accurate cuts. However, the specific requirements for the chuck motor can vary depending on factors such as the diameter and material of the pipe being cut, the cutting speed, and the overall design of the laser cutting machine.
3D Laser Sensor Head

3D Laser Sensor Head designed specifically for pipe and tube laser cutting machine. This high-precision consumable part is an essential component of the laser cutting head, ensuring exceptional accuracy and efficiency in laser cutting processes.

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Nozzle for Pipe / Tube Laser Cutting Machine
- Using for pipe / tube laser cutting machine 
- Installed at the front end of laser cutting head 
- Helps to control the diffusion of gas and protec the lens during cutting process
- There are 2 kinds of nozzles which are single layer and double layer nozzle