Pipe Tube Laser Cutting Machine Penang

K12 Series Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The K12 Series Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is a professional pipes fiber laser cutting machine. It has a pipe processing range of 10-120mm and a pipe processing length of 6500mm. The maximum single tube loading weight is 85KG. With a maximum acceleration speed of 0.8G and a maximum chuck speed of 100r/min, this machine is capable of high-speed cutting.

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Laser Ceramic Ring
- This is an important part of cutting head in fiber laser cutting machine
- It is used to transmit electrical signal collected by the nozzle of the laser head
- Prevent the cutting head above the body from being damage when the cutting nozzle colides 
- Ceramic ring insulates the heat from the nozzle and protect cutting head 
V Series Heavy Duty tube Laser Cutting Machine

Tube laser cutting machines can handle a variety of tube shapes, including round, square, rectangular, and oval profiles, allowing for versatility in cutting different types of steel materials. The machine can achieves highly accurate and intricate cuts, making them suitable for applications that require precise and complex designs.

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Nozzle for Pipe / Tube Laser Cutting Machine
- Using for pipe / tube laser cutting machine 
- Installed at the front end of laser cutting head 
- Helps to control the diffusion of gas and protec the lens during cutting process
- There are 2 kinds of nozzles which are single layer and double layer nozzle