Used Haco Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Used Haco Hydraulic Shearing Machine
Used Haco Hydraulic Shearing Machine
Used Haco Hydraulic Shearing Machine
Used Haco Hydraulic Shearing Machine


Used Haco Hydraulic Shearing Machine

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Working Length: 3000 mm

Working Capacity: 6mm mild steel

A hydraulic shearing machine is a mechanical device used in metal fabrication and manufacturing processes to cut large sheets of metal with precision and efficiency. It operates based on hydraulic principles, where hydraulic fluid is used to generate the force required to shear or cut through the metal.

  1. Hydraulic System: The machine is equipped with a hydraulic system comprising a hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinders, valves, and hoses. The hydraulic pump pressurizes the hydraulic fluid, usually oil, which is then transmitted through the system to the hydraulic cylinders.

  2. Blade Assembly: The shearing machine consists of a stationary blade and a moving blade, also known as the upper and lower blades respectively. These blades are made of high-quality steel and are designed to withstand the forces involved in cutting metal.

  3. Material Placement: The operator places the sheet metal to be cut onto the machine's cutting bed. The material is properly aligned and secured in place to ensure accurate cutting.

  4. Cutting Process: The operator activates the hydraulic system, which initiates the movement of the upper blade. The hydraulic cylinders apply tremendous force to the upper blade, causing it to descend rapidly and make contact with the stationary lower blade.

  5. Shearing Action: As the upper blade descends, it exerts a shearing force on the metal sheet positioned between the blades. The sharp edges of the blades cut through the metal, creating a clean and precise cut along the desired cutting line.

Hydraulic shearing machines are widely used in industries such as metal fabrication, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, construction, and shipbuilding due to their efficiency, accuracy, and versatility in cutting various types of metals and sheet thicknesses.

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