Used Hydraulic Press Brake / Bending Machine

Used Hydraulic Press Brake / Bending Machine
Used Hydraulic Press Brake / Bending Machine
Used Hydraulic Press Brake / Bending Machine


Used Hydraulic Press Brake / Bending Machine

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Bending Capacity: 110 Ton

Working length: 3200mm

Press brakes are commonly used in industries like metal fabrication, aerospace, automotive, construction, and many others where precise bending of metal components is required. They come in various sizes and capacities to accommodate a wide range of applications, from small-scale workshops to large manufacturing facilities.

A press brake machine is a piece of industrial machinery used for bending sheet metal and plate materials. It is a critical tool in metal fabrication and manufacturing processes, allowing operators to create precise bends and shapes in metal workpieces. 

  1. Die: The die, also known as the lower beam or bottom tool, is a stationary piece that provides the shape into which the workpiece is bent. Dies come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different bending requirements.

  2. Tooling: Tooling refers to the various punches and dies used in the press brake to create specific bends and shapes in the material. Operators select the appropriate tooling based on the desired outcome.

  3. Hydraulic System: Many modern press brakes use hydraulic systems to control the bending force. Hydraulic cylinders apply pressure to the ram, allowing for precise control over the bending process.

The operation of a press brake involves clamping a workpiece between the punch and die, and then the ram is lowered to bend the material to the desired angle. The operator's skill and experience are essential for achieving accurate and consistent results.

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