“APM” Polishing & Deburring Machine

“APM” Polishing & Deburring Machine
“APM” Polishing & Deburring Machine
“APM” Polishing & Deburring Machine


“APM” Polishing & Deburring Machine

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PLC control system: DELTA (Taiwan)

Low-voltage electrical appliances: Schneider

Frequency transformer: Shilin (Taiwan)

Electromagnetic valve: Yadke (Taiwan)

Touch Screen: Delta (Taiwan)

Sand belt photoelectric switch: Bonner (US)

Equipment instruction:
For flat metal plate material (aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc.) deburred, brushed, edges rounding and polished.

Processing technology principle:
The main structure of the machine is a combination of 1 x abrasive belt, 8 pcs rotary brush and a group of non-woven fabric brush wheel for deburring and polishing. Each station can be used independently or in combination, suitable for variety products with variety processes needed by factories.

Functions and advantages:
  1. Pneumatically controlled eccentric sanding roller, which can be lifted and lowered independently. When equipment fails, all sanding rollers automatic lifting to protect the material from damage;
  2. Special customized type tensioning cylinder with large bore and high stability;
  3. Independent bearing hanging plate, easy to adjust;
  4. Automatic thickness measurement function, automatically locate the thickness of the plate;
  5. In the working process, the contact roller can be operated forward and reverse according to the actual situation, one-key adjustment, convenient and fast;
  6. The contact roller is a rubber roller, which has good oil and corrosion resistance, and has a longer service life. The hardness of the rubber roller is confirmed according to the customer's different processes.
  7. Damping belt deviation knob, adjust the deviation of the belt, the operation is simple and convenient
  8. Belt pulley integrated roller to strengthen the overall balance
  9. Vacuum-sorb workable
  10. Forward and reserve working available

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