Used CNC Plasma Source, Hypertherm XPR 300 Year 2021

Used CNC Plasma Source, Hypertherm XPR 300 Year 2021


Used CNC Plasma Source, Hypertherm XPR 300 Year 2021

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XPR 300™ represents the most significant advance in mechanized plasma cutting technology, ever. This next generation system redefines what plasma can do by expanding its capabilities and opportunities in ways never before possible. With unmatched X-Definition™ cut quality on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, the new XPR300 increases cut speed, dramatically improves productivity and slashes operating costs. New ease-of-use features and engineered system optimization make the XPR300 easier to run with minimal operator intervention, while also ensuring optimal performance and unmatched reliability.

Industry-leading X-Definition cut quality
The XPR advances HyDefinition® cut quality by blending new technology with refined processes for next generation, X-Definition™ cutting on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Consistent ISO range 2 results on thin mild steel
  • Extended ISO range 3 cut quality results compared with earlier plasma technology
  • Superior stainless-steel cut quality across all thickness ranges
  • Superior results on aluminum using Vented Water Injection™ (VWI)

Optimized productivity and reduced operating costs
  • Significantly reduced operating costs than previous generation technology
  • Increased cut speeds on thicker materials
  • Dramatic improvement in consumable life on mild steel applications
  • Thicker piercing capability than competitive plasma systems
Engineered system optimization
XPR is engineered to deliver the highest quality cuts and optimal system performance automatically.  Advanced power supply technology delivers highly responsive, rapid system feedback, and automatically intervenes to eliminate events that negatively impact system efficiency and consumable life.
XPR’s Arc response technologyTM provides automatic torch and ramp-down error protection. Sensors in the power supply deliver refined diagnostic codes and significantly enhanced system monitoring information that reduces troubleshooting time and provides proactive system maintenance data for improved system optimization.
  • Increases consumable life 3 times that of competitor’s systems by eliminating the impact of ramp down errors
  • Reduces the impact of catastrophic electrode blowouts which can damage the torch at high current levels

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