Hydraulic Busbar Processing Machine

Hydraulic Busbar Processing Machine


Hydraulic Busbar Processing Machine

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Applicable Industry:
This Switchboard manufacturer hydraulic busbar processing machine is widely used in Switch cabinet, electric control panel manufacturing, high low voltage switchgear, eletric transformer station, Electric panel, voltage transformer, appliance swich, ship manufacturing, electric elevator manufacturing, electric cabinet manufacturing, Power distribution system product maufacturing.

Processing material:
Brass/Copper and Alumimum Busbar.


1.  Bending at vertical and horizontal direction.

2.  Punching for round and oblong hole.

3.  Cutting busbar.

4.  Special for embossing, knurling, twisting, cable joints pressing.

The main functions:
- Punching
- Shearing
- Flat bending
- Vertical bending
- Embossing
- U bending
- Chamfer
- Reverse flattening 
- Twist bending

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